Tandoori Patio – Website

Project: Computer Service. Client: Tandoori Patio Project overview: Re-designing of website. Project Achievements. Provide 2 samples for management to choose from. Fine-tune the selected design to meet requirements. Purchase new domain. Upload website to the new domain. Redirect traffic from old domain to the new domain.

Hotel Radiance – Email Transfer

  Project: Email Transfer. Client: Hotel Radiance Project overview: Hotel Radiance domain is hosted by host245, and so were their email. Their email were constantly being affected and email would bounce or not be delivered. Project Achievements. Register hotel radiance domain on ZOHO. Configure DNS records to point mail to ZOHO. Additional DNS configurations to avoid […]

Hotel Radiance – Website

Project: Computer Service. Client: Hotel Radiance Project overview: Re-designing of website. Project Achievements. Backup old website data Redirect to web users to the new location of the existing website. Provide 3 samples for management to choose from. Fine-tune the selected design to meet requirements. Transfer the designed website to their domain. Redirect web traffic to the […]

Adore by Noreen – Video Creation & Posters

Project: Video creation and poster design. Client: Adore by Noreen Project overview: Video creation of website overview that was launched on their one year anniversary and design poster for social media promotion. Project Achievements. Advised on minor flaws on the website, that the designed addressed. Run multiple tests to identify and glitches during the purchase and check-out […]

Graphic World – Computer Repair

Project: Computer Repair Client: Graphic World Project overview: Sole computer to the industrial poster printer wouldn’t boot up. Project Achievements. Identify the issue with the computer, which was with the boot sector of the hard drive. Backup all user data on the machine, format it and install all necessary drivers and applications and restored all the backed up […]

Delightful Happenings – Computer Repair

Project: Mac Book Repair. Client: Delightful Happenings Project overview: Identifying the issue why the Mac Book was booting up. Project Achievements. Troubleshoot why the mac book wasn’t booting. Install a new hard drive. Install mac OS on the new hard drive. Update the OS to the latest version. Backup and restore date from the old […]

We Are Together – DVDs

Project: DVD Creation. Client: We Are Together Project overview: Merge videos and make DVDs Project Achievements. Compiling the videos for We are together. Organizing the videos in the play sequence required. Creating a DVD with a navigational menu. Creating an image of the DVD. Provide a sample of the DVD. Burning 25 copies of the DVD.

Badar Pharmacy – Time and Attendance

Project: Time & Attendance. Client: Badar Pharmacy Project overview: Configure time and attendance software for report generation. Project Achievements. Identify networks with-in the site. Change DHCP settings Install time and attendance software. Configure software to generate required reports, this included creating shifts based on the lunch time for each staff. Provided training to the staff in-charge on […]

Hotel Radiance – Computer Service

Project: Computer Service. Client: Hotel Radiance Project overview: Cleaning of computer hardware and DVR. Project Achievements. External cleaning of CPU, Monitor, Keyboard and Mouse. Internal cleaning of CPU casing. Cleaning of power supply unit. Cleaning of cooling fans. Cleaning of mother board. Mapping server shared folders on the manager’s computer. DVR Service. Changing of printers and […]

Butech – Website & Networking

Project: Website and Networking. Client: Butech Group Project overview: Design a website that the management selected for a range on design options presented to them, and enhanced their network. Project Achievements. Presented 3 website samples. Coordinated with the company to enhance design the selected sample. Fix Wi-Fi issues. Provides advise on purchase of new hardware. Installation of […]