Windows 10 will soon let you choose exact Windows update download speeds

The 20H1 version of Windows 10 will let users set how fast Windows updates are downloaded in Mbps. In next year’s major update to Windows 10, currently known as 20H1, users can expect a new advanced feature that lets them select exactly how fast Windows Update downloads. The feature is hidden for now and was […]

Force Windows 10 to install the May 2019 Update NOW

After an extended period of testing in the Release Preview ring, Microsoft has finally started rolling out the May 2019 Update to Windows 10 users, though in a “measured and throttled” way. You might be able to get it now by going through Settings > Update & Security > Windows Update or, failing that, via the Media Creation tool. There is a […]

Microsoft’s next major Windows 10 update is now available

Microsoft is releasing its Windows 10 May 2019 Update to everyone today. The Windows 10 May 2019 Update includes a new light theme for Windows 10, alongside Kaomoji support, a Windows sandbox feature, and the separation of Cortana and Windows search. Microsoft first released this to testers last month, giving the company plenty of time […]

Windows 10’s Next Release Includes a Light Theme

Windows 10 already has a dark theme, but now it’s getting a real light theme. Interface elements like the taskbar, Start menu, and print dialog are turning light, and Microsoft even created a new desktop background for it. This feature is arriving in Windows 10’s next update, code-named 19H1 and expected for release around April […]

Windows 10 Home Will Finally Let You Pause Updates

Only Windows 10 Professional users can pause Windows updates today, but that’s about to change. Windows 10 Home users will soon be able to pause updates for up to seven days. This feature should arrive for everyone when the next release of Windows 10, codenamed 19H1, is finished. It should be released sometime around April 2019. Paul Thurrott first noticed […]

Windows 10 Will Soon “Reserve” 7 GB of Your Storage for Updates

Windows Updates need a lot of disk space, which is a problem on devices with small amounts of internal storage. Microsoft is fixing this by “reserving” some disk space for updates in the next version of Windows 10, code-named 19H1. Microsoft has been pushing cheap laptops with small hard drives for years now. But anyone who has ever […]

Windows 10’s Next Update Will Make Your PC Faster, Thanks to Better Spectre Fixes

Your PC has been slower ever since Microsoft patched the Spectre flaws back in January 2018. PCs from 2015 and earlier slowed down the most. Now, Windows 10’s next update will mostly eliminate those slowdowns, making your PC faster. Microsoft’s fix is part of Windows 10 version 19H1, which is currently in development. Windows Insiders can […]