Hotel Radiance – Computer Service

Hotel Radiance is located along Jomo Kenyatta Ave, Mombasa, Kenya. The project scope was machine service and addressing network issues. Machine service included the following.

  • External cleaning of CPU, Monitor, Keyboard and Mouse.
  • Internal cleaning of CPU casing.
  • Cleaning of power supply unit.
  • Cleaning of cooling fans.
  • Cleaning of mother board.

The networking scope included the mapping of server folders on the Manager’s computer.

Below are images of machine service.




On completion on the  above tasks, other jobs were included on the scope, which include;

  • DVR Service.
  • Downgrading the managers office applications and reconfiguration of his emails on Outlook. The manager’s machine had office 2013 and given the specifications of the machine, this application was heavy for the machine. TAZ Solutions downgraded it to 2010 to match the hardware specifications and uniformalize the applications installed on other machines.
  • Changing of printers and installation of drivers on the respective machines. The printer installed at the reception’s machine was to be shared and configured on other machines.
  • Changes to their website; changing the years in the booking / contact us page, changing content on the service / rates page and restructuring the email being sent by the web server.

The entire project was completed in 3 days.