Butech – Website & Networking

Butech Group located in Nyali, Mombasa, had their website re-designed with us due to a change in their business operations. The initial step was to acquire access to the Word Press panel from the previous developer. The scope of the rest of the project is as follows:

  • Design and present 3 sample websites to the company.
  • Coordinate with the company on information for the website.
  • Customize the Word Press theme to meet the company’s requirements.

The website was launched and a month later required updates.  The site was taken down at 11pm and the updated installed and other maintenance work completed. The website was restored back  by 1.40 am. In addition to the website we also provided Networking services to Butech. The scope of the networking project included:

  • Fixing Wi-Fi issues
  • Merge multiple Wi-Fi networks to one, using Wi-Fi routers.
  • Connection of printers and scanners to the network.
  • Consultation on purchase of new hardware.
  • Installation of Windows and basic software.