Badar Phamacy – Time and Attendance

Badar Phamacy is located along Jomo Kenyatta Avenue, Mombasa Kenya. The project scope was to generate reports of staff attendance from their installed time and attendance system. Once on site, the following were identified.

  • Multiple networks
  • DHCP configured
  • No time and attendance software installed.

After installing the software on the machine that would be used to generate the reports, the machine had to be connected to the same network as the time and attendance machine.

Network examination was conducted to identify the network the machine was on, and the router configured to assign a specific IP address to the machine. Using this IP address the connection between the report generating machine (laptop) and the time and attendance machine was established.

A database was created on the laptop to host the staff records, additional staff were added to the machine and the database and old staff were removed from the database.

Shifts were assigned to the staff bases on their arrival, lunch times and departure. The system was tested using this, however, due to the complexity of the staff lunch timing, a custom report had to be generated, which shows the clock-in and the clock-outs. This was solution requires manual check on the reports to determine the arrival, lunch timing and departure of staff. However due to the nature of the operations, the management team were happy with the solution provided.

All the configurations were done with-in three days and the system tested. The short comings of the initial configurations were noted during this time. The re-configurations were done within a day and the system was then tested after a week.