We Are Together – DVDs

We Are Together is an organization that works to bring members of different communities to help them advance as a group. They had organized an event, and had videos of different individuals from different communities showcasing, how they made it. We are together approached TAZ solutions to create DVDs for them of the videos they […]

Badar Phamacy – Time and Attendance

Badar Phamacy is located along Jomo Kenyatta Avenue, Mombasa Kenya. The project scope was to generate reports of staff attendance from their installed time and attendance system. Once on site, the following were identified. Multiple networks DHCP configured No time and attendance software installed. After installing the software on the machine that would be used […]

Hotel Radiance – Computer Service

Hotel Radiance is located along Jomo Kenyatta Ave, Mombasa, Kenya. The project scope was machine service and addressing network issues. Machine service included the following. External cleaning of CPU, Monitor, Keyboard and Mouse. Internal cleaning of CPU casing. Cleaning of power supply unit. Cleaning of cooling fans. Cleaning of mother board. The networking scope included […]

Butech – Website & Networking

Butech Group located in Nyali, Mombasa, had their website re-designed with us due to a change in their business operations. The initial step was to acquire access to the Word Press panel from the previous developer. The scope of the rest of the project is as follows: Design and present 3 sample websites to the […]

Transeast – Network Audit

Transeast Kenya Ltd: located in Mazeras, 30 minutes out of Mombasa had invited¬†TAZ Solutions to audit their computers and network. The project was undertaken in March 2015. This project was scheduled for an entire week with key focus areas that included: Checking on router configuration. Checking on firewall. Checking on user privileges on each machine. […]

ST Associates – Networking

ST Associates is located along Mackenzi Vale Rd, Kampala, Uganda. The company had established their offices there and required a complete network setup. The project included the following; Setting up of a Windows Server. Setting up a Domain Controller on the Server. Setting up DHCP and DNS services. Formatting 4 laptops. Connecting the laptops to […]